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Discover excellence at Saint Joseph of the Palisade Elementary School.

The school offers a challenging academic curriculum that is rich in religious education and faith formation as well as the moral values your child will need to succeed in life. With low teacher-student ratios and plenty of personal attention, our school creates a safe and encouraging environment that interests and discover the best in themselves, their classmates and the world.

At the very foundation of the education we offer in a dedication to excellence - an emphasis on rigor and relationship in each classroom that allows each student to achieve. That's why our students consistently score higher on nationally standardized testing than public or charter school counterparts. They have gone on to succeed at academic competitions and at least 97% of our graduates eventually go on to attend college after studying at some of the area's finest Catholic and specialized high schools.

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Saint Joseph of the Palisades Elementary School
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Preparing leaders of competence, compassion and character.

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There's no one quite like your child. A bright smile, a tender heart, an inquisitive mind - all combined in the most remarkable person you're ever known. At Saint Joseph of the Palisades Elementary School of the Archdiocese of Newark we recognize that each child is a precious gift from God. Like snowflakes, no two children are exactly alike - and no two children learn in exactly the same way. Out programs are designed for those who learn as fast as they can or who take as much time as they need. Attention to learning style makes the difference.